Terminal equipment

The WCS trailer is a high capacity terminal trailer capable of carrying a container payload of up to 70 tons. This modular trailer is designed to transport either a single 20ft, twin 20ft, a 40 ft, or a 45ft container at once. The trailers are offered with a number of customer driven options that allows for customizability, therefore allowing for utilization in terminals around the world. Every WCS trailer is subjected to comprehensive testing complying with the highest standards of safety. Subsequently, the trailers are also equipped with high visibility LED brake lights and turn signals to maximize visibility during port operations. The trailers are designed for containerized transport, thus enabling us to directly ship to terminals worldwide at competitive prices. General Features:

  • High Capacity 60t / 70t
  • 20ft / Twin-20ft / 40ft / 45ft container capability
  • Designed for containerized transport in 45ft containers, direct to terminals around the world
  • Can be equipped with optional air brake system
  • Heavy duty tandem suspension offered with rocker beams or twin axle leaf springs
  • General Dimensions:
    • Overall Length - 14275mm
    • Overall Height - 1750mm
    • Overall Width - 2810mm
  • Tare Weight: 9000 kg
  • Payload: 60000 / 70000 kg